Air-conditioned modular pavilions.

At this time that winter and rain comes in Okatent we talk about the climate control of our modular industrial buildings. Keep reading for information about the characteristics and advantages of the climate control systems we use in our temporary pavilions.

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Characteristics of air-conditioned industrial buildings

Air-conditioned pavilions comprise two kinds of elements that regulate the inside temperature of the industrial buildings: Heat pump system and industrial power ventilation.

Heat pump system:

The heat pump is a thermal system, which is integrated in the outside of the industrial building, with air intakes to the pavilion. This system conditions, by means of ducts installed on the roof of the structure, which distribute the heat equitably around all the industrial building. This air-conditioning system can be cold or heat, creating the desired atmosphere, being regulated through an electronic panel.

Pabellón con sistema de bomba de calor

The industrial power ventilation:

This is a fan activated by means of electrical power, whose airflow is regulated and guaranteed, by means of a mechanical turbine system operation. This device maintains the inside of the tent dry and fresh, preserving the environment due to the fact that does not use any kind of fuel, only uses electrical power. The fan serves for winter and summer and can be used together with other air-conditioning systems.

Advantages of having an air-conditioned pavilion

  • Improves health of the tent users.
  • Guarantees fresh air and of quality.
  • Improves tent usability.
  • Avoids damp or stagnant spaces.
  • These are non-polluting systems.
  • They provide of a high energy saving.
  • They work with renewable energy: Aerothermal system.
  • The equipments are reversible: air-conditioning in summer time and heating in winter time.
  • The installation of both, the tent and air-conditioning system at the same time.


Carpas Plegables fabricadas por Okatent

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