OKADART is a Spanish company with a worldwide presence, created to meet the the large demand and growing for tents, foldable tents, storing pavilions and solar protection elements.

Our service and ambition is to lead the sector’s technological advance in order to be able to offer products of both the highest quality and with the most competitive prices in the market.
Our central office is in Barcelona, and our factory is located in nearby Olesa de Montserrat, and we also have our own team members in different Spanish and international locations.

Our labour

We are a company dedicated to the realisation of textile architecture and stressed skin structures. We offer an integral service for the materialisation of such spaces.

1. Design: This is a flexible process, when we are keep in touch with the client and try tooffer personalised proposals.
2. Engineering: By means of a specialised programme of non-lineal calculation and a “search of the form” process.
3. Patterning: We design and manufacture the patterns taking into account the smallest details and the esthetics of the final solution.
4. Assembly: Quick and safe structure installation.

Why textile architecture?

Textile architecture is one of the keys to obtain and optimize construction. The lightness of the materials used, and the resultant geometry and functionality of the cover, make it the best option to satisfy a business extension requirement. With textile architecture it is possible to efficiently solve any space problem in an attractive, diaphanous and modular way.

 The main advantages relative to other typologies include:

1. A weight of less than 1 kg/m2 that, together with the material’s resistance and flexibility, allows the obtention of an extraordinary light final product, without intermediate purlin, of between 5 and 10 kg/m2.
2. Light transmission. Permits the penetration ofTakes natural lightning without the need to turn to glass, whose rigidity requires oversize.
3. It entails the assembly of pre-manufactured elements which can be dismantled and recycled.

Why Okatent?

The cloths we use are materials which are guaranteed for the manufacturing of such structures and meetcurrent regulations. All the projects are personalised for each client. The structures for wind and snow loads are calculated according to the CTE. The same manufacturing company is in charge of the installation, which provides a maximum guarantee of control during all the phases of the service.

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If you have any further queries on the subject or just want to contact us, we encourage you to send us an email to: info@okatent.com or call us at Tel: 933-231-974, will be happy to answer you or help with what we can.