A folding tent is a simple and light structure, if we learn to care for them, may never need to know about our  factory in Olesa de Montserrat, where we offer a folding tents and pavilions repair service.

In this post we will recommend, in our opinion, ten things that will improve user experience and longevity of your tent. Before starting with the Decalogue, we must make it clear that these points will be focused on the folding tent Okatent and three models: Borneo, Tidor and Cebu; that means we can not guarantee that they can operate with all other folding tents on the market (although we are going to be as generic as possible, we promise!).

  1. Closing the tent is important to raise the cover to not pinch the structure.
  2. Avoid indoor fold and store when it is wet.
  3. Both the opening and closing of the tent must make it soft and accompanied.
  4. No excess weight charge above the tent, once stored.
  5. Put the protective cover Okatent that comes standard in your pack purchase.
  6. Remove the tape velcro flaps when close the tent.
  7. Clean sides and roofs only with water, soap and a common cloth.
  8. Trying to open / close the tent between two or more people.
  9. Do not try to modify the design of the tent or add nonstandard elements.
  10. Avoid sedentary installation, try to fold the tent and save often.

Another tip we give you, we include the Decalogue out because you may have more to do with emotional than rational part; but we have always believed that if you consider your tent as your new home, even if it is small for a house, you’ll enjoy the tent carefully and that always extends the life of a product.

Greetings, see you in the next post!

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