The stability curve.
Curved pavilions

The stability

A curved solution combines great resistance under an elegant and subtle arc-shaped design. This frame provides the pavilion with great efficiency in all types of projects such as those for sports applications, shopping centers, marketing events, and aviation hangars. Would you like us to advise you in choosing your curved design?

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A design that catches the eyes.

Our curved pavilions bring about a great visual impact thanks to their angles. In addition, the arched shape of the lintels allows for more heterogeneous designs that make the pavilion more personal and captivate the attention of your clients.

A design that catches the eyes
Interiors without any obstacles

Interiors without any obstacles.

The interiors of a curved pavilion have a completely open plan as they do not have central pillars, and the arches create a feeling of great spaciousness. Would you like to discover more about curved designs?

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For any dimensions.

The shape of our curved frames yields structures of up to 50 meters wide, without limits in length, being able to cover custom projects with complicated dimensions. Would you like a curved pavilion?

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For any dimensions
Resistance to wind and heat

Resistance to wind and heat.

The curved design offers great performance against windstorms, rain, and snow. In addition, these types of pavilions are usually installed in hot climates due to thermal properties of their roofs. Would you like to discover more about the covering options?

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Customize your curved pavilion.

Adapt the pavilion to your needs by choosing from a large catalog of accessories. Choose anything from the type of curtains that you are going to have to your interior lighting preferences, as well as the type of doors, windows, flooring, climate control system, and much more. Would you like to discover all our accessories?

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Customize your curved pavilion

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