A slope with many possibilities.
Lean-to pavilions

A slope with
many possibilities.

Our pavilions with lean-to frames are lightweight structures that feature a custom design meant for facilities that seek full integration between the tent and the adjacent buildings. Would you like us to advise you in choosing your lean-to design?

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Independent and adaptable structures.

Lean-to pavilions can be installed individually as a separate structure or attached to an existing structure in the form of a cantilevered roof in order to expand a space. Would you like us to help you decide?

Independent and adaptable structures
Open-plan interiors with two heights

Open-plan interiors with two heights.

Due to the slope of the roof, the interior of the lean-to pavilion gains in height. In addition, this design does not have central pillars, allowing you to make the most of the covered space.

Expand a space, reduce your investment.

This design covers spaces measuring 18 meters wide by 10 meters height (maximum), with no limit in length, and it also saves money since lean-to designs use less material than other types of pavilions. Would you like to know how much they cost?

Expand a space, reduce your investment
A solution against heavy weather

A solution against heavy weather.

Our lean-to designs have a slope of 18º to easily remove rain or snow and avoid water concentrations. In addition, the membranes are fire retardant and waterproof and guarantee that nothing will leak in or out. Would you like to discover more about the covering options?

Customize your lean-to pavilion.

Each project is different; thus, each design is worked on in a custom way. And if you want to personalize your design even more, we have a vast catalog of accessories for your pavilion such as doors, windows, climate control systems, lighting, and much more. Would you like to discover all our accessories?

Customize your lean-to pavilion

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