We are direct manufacturers of pagoda tents.

Pagoda are fixed tents with high resistance suitable for events, hotel industry and weddings.

Pagoda main features:

Pagodas are perfect for small celebrations outdoors or inside, events in spaces which need a beautiful and distinguished environment, but also to cover small terraces or private gardens. Pagodas are fixed tents with high resistance, an anodized aluminum structure, galvanized steel joints and fire-resistant PVC covers of the best quality.

  • Light fixed tent with an easy set up
  • Perfect for simple and quick set up
  • With an attractive and original design
  • Designed for celebrations, events, hotel industry and weddings
  • Anodized aluminum structure for the protection of the tent outdoors
  • Galvanized steel joint pieces
  • 6 different standard models
  • PVC fire-resistant and waterproof fabric cover
  • 2 years of warranty
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Set up in less than 1 hour

Standard pagoda technical details:

Pagodas structure and their textile membrane consist of a parts breakdown which can be acquired separately in our after sales service.

Frequent questions:

Yes, the cover is composed of a simple membrane of waterproof polyester recovered with PVC on two sides: white color VALMEX 8212 RAL 9010 with M2 grade fire-resistant protection according to NORMA NFP 82507, composed of welded Keder on the opposite lateral sides to ensure the impermeability with the structure.
Yes, Pagoda tents can be set up without professional workforce.
Yes, its structure is prepared for being disassembled and set up in other space.
Yes, being manufacturers enables us to ensure a quality customer service with all the parts and accessories.

Elementos de contrucción de la carpa Borneo

Since we are direct manufacturers you have the possibility to choose any other size or customization and it will be designed by our technical team.

Estructura de aluminio

Aluminium structure

Aluminium structure

The aluminum used to manufacture the pagoda style fixed tents is made of an alloy 6005T6 and is extruded at high pressure with high-quality aluminum. The surface finish is anodized 15 microns and suitable for the protection of the structure outdoors. Once the aluminum structure has reached the end of its lifetime, it can be entirely recycled and reused.
Tejido de cubiertas y laterales

Covers and laterals fabric

Covers and laterals fabric

The membrane used for the closures is composed of polyester fabric recovered by transparent and waterproof PVC: white color VALMEX 8212 RAL 9010 with a M2 grade according to NORM NFP 82507 fire-proof protection with 650gr/m2 weight and 250/250N resistance to warp/weave tear.
Certificado Applus

ISO 9001 Certified


All our polyester fabrics are certified according to M2 rating fire regulation and are waterproof according to NORM NFP 82507. This normative is the Spanish official version of the EN13782: 2005 European normative and has been prepared by the AEN / CTN 76 Permanent Metal Structures technical committee.

Materiales reciclables

Environment and recycling

Environment and recycling

In Okatent, year by year, we pretend to minimize or eliminate our industrial activity impact on the environment; and it’s for this reason that many of our products are recycled at the end of their lifetime. We don’t use polluting products in the manufacturing process of our canvas or structures and the labeling inks are eco-solvent.

Presentación de la carpa Pagoda No hay traducción:

Available types of curtains and covers:

  • Smooth curtain
  • Transparent curtain
  • Transparent half curtain
  • Door
  • Transparent roof
  • Curtain with window
  • English window

Tipos de cortinas disponibles para la carpa Borneo

Labelling types that we offer

  • Thermo transfer: this labeling is based on the transfer of a vinyl through a thermo pressure sheet.
  • Sublimation: the sublimation is a labeling technique in which color is printed by incorporating it into the canvas.
  • Digital impression: Digital impression works through the injection of eco solvent ink in the PVC canvas.

Tipo de rotulación disponible para la carpa plegable Borneo

Available accessories for Pagoda fixed tent

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