Cover your tennis/paddle/basket court or your football pitch

If you’re thinking of building a sports court, you should take a time of reflection to decide if you need to install a pavilion, because you could save time and money.

In Okatent, took nearly a decade dedicated to the construction of sports halls, all this time we were able to learn a few tricks that have helped us to improve not only the design and construction, but also the usability and performance of our pavilions. Today we will discuss the construction of a sports hall and the right time of installing it, throwing some important clues that will guide who decided to mount a sports courts (paddle, tennis, hockey, football, etc..) Requiring coverage.

  1. A sports pavilion, built before sports courts, can be installed much more quick.
  2. The project is more economical, as working without sports ground, the type of machinery used is much simpler.
  3. The pre-assembly of the structure prevents the possibility of damaging the sport court (however slight).
  4. The installation of the pavilion before the sports ground, alows to test the comfort of a space and ensure the perfect location.
  5. Enables more effective and convenient installation of the sports court, blocking the sun and direct heat.

For these reasons, we always advise that before installing a sports court, the customer should consider the option to build the pavilion first. Our aim is the customer satisfaction; customer satisfaction means save time, money and headaches.

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