Tidor folding tent: The perfect model for long-term permanent use.

In the last years the leveling and anchoring system has been improved, making it very attractive for large municipalities and showmen purchases.

Tidor folding tent main features:

Tidor folding tents are the strongest model of the Okatent range; it is designed with a galvanized steel profile lacquered in white color and joint pieces are made of high density polyethylene. This tent model is suitable for permanent use or long-term events. If you are thinking about a strong and economic tent, that is the tent for you.

  • Folding tent perfect for indoor events
  • Perfect for long-term fixed assembly
  • Customizable with your company’s corporate logo
  • Galvanized steel structure lacquered in white
  • Strong and permanent structure
  • High density polyethylene joint pieces
  • Fire-resistant and waterproof polyester fabric cover
  • Foldable tents set up 45 seconds
  • 1 year warranty
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Foldable tents set up in 45 seconds

Technical data of the Tidor tent:

All the components of the Tidor folding tent have been manufactured to strengthen the structure at a reasonable price. Being manufacturers enables us to provide an after-sales service where you can acquire the full parts breakdown of the tent, as well as a repair service.

Frequent questions:

Yes, it is exactly the same material, it is waterproof and fire-resistant M2 treated.
Yes, in spite of being completely different models, they have the same economic value.
Is a tent with a steel structure, a little bit heavier than the Borneo and Cebú models.
Yes, being manufacturers we can ensure a quality after-sales service.

Elementos de la carpa plegable Tidor

Steel Structure

Steel Structure

The steel with which we manufacture folding tents Tidor model has a galvanized electrochemical protection in the whole the structure. The grid, in turn, is protected with a lacquer treatment baked white exterior and long lasting . Steel offers users a robust and durable folding tent.
Tejido de cubiertas y laterales

Covers and laterals fabric

Covers and laterals fabric

Polyester fabric recovered with PVC on one side, M2 certified according to the UNE 23723:90 normative. High density polyester cover and lateral curtains, waterproof and fire-resistant, certified by APPLUS. 500D PVC Coat fabric material of 360g/m2 grammage and 0,36mm thickness.
Certificado Applus



All our polyester fabrics are certified according to fire rating M2 regulation and are waterproof according to UNE 13782 certification. This normative is the Spanish official version of the EN 13782: 2005 European normative and has been prepared by the AEN / CTN 76 Permanent Metal Structures technical committee.

Tidor folding tents presentation:

Types of curtains for the Tidor tent:

  • Smooth curtain
  • Half curtain
  • Transparent curtain
  • Transparent half curtain
  • Door
  • Transparent roof
  • Sunshield
  • Medieval gable
  • Curtain with window
  • English window
  • Window with porthole
  • Folding window

Cortinas disponibles para la carpa plegable Tidor

Types of labelling for the Tidor tent

  • Thermo transfer: this labeling is based on the transfer of a vinyl through a thermo pressure sheet.
  • Sublimation: the sublimation is a labeling technique in which color is printed by incorporating it into the canvas.
  • Digital impression: Digital impression works through the injection of eco solvent ink in the PVC canvas.

Rotulaciones disponibles para la carpa plegable Tidor

Available accesories for folding Tidor tent

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