Okatent Specialized Structures

We cover spaces with pavilions that are custom made especially for you.

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Cubiertas industriales fabricadas por Okatent

Manufacture, sale, and rental of custom covers.

Discover the best prefabricated warehouses for setting up storerooms,
workshops, factories, and other industrial buildings.

Prefabricated warehouses

That can be extended or taken apart as you wish

Okatent’s specialized structures are prefabricated industrial buildings with a fixed (sandwich panel) or mobile (technical textiles) entrance/exit point whose design complies with the zoning laws of each country and region. These are the ideal buildings to cover spaces for industrial use and storage spaces, as well as for modular workshops and factories – whether they be temporary or permanent. This type of specialized structure comes in an extensive array of standard shapes, although each end design adapts perfectly to our clients’ individual needs.

We cover more than 100,000 m2 of structures yearly around the entire world, and industrial structures are our flagship product.

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Cubiertas almacen Okatent

Large pavilions

To turn any of your projects into a reality

Our specialized structures can reach heights of up to 30 meters and widths of 80 meters without the need for pillars in the middle. These structures are designed and calculated in accordance with the zoning laws of the place where they are going to be installed, and they are easy to put up thanks to Okatent’s exclusive assembly design. They are manufactured with high-resistance aluminum alloy sections in a lattice format to be able to do what nobody else can do.

We have more than fifteen years’ experience on an international level successfully building for large companies from the renewable energy and construction sectors, as well as experience with sports buildings, hangars, and temporary factories.

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Cubierta textil para uso en taller

Structures to cover spaces

In record time and without spending a lot of money

Okatent’s specialized structures are designed with a modular system that allows for simple installation without a foundation – unlike conventional pavilions. These types of projects go up at a rate of approximately 225 m2 every 4 hours; that is to say, their installation is ideal for companies that can’t waste time building and that also seek significant savings.

Temporary pavilions are heavily sought by companies from the industrial sector who work on multiple projects around the entire world, as this type of structure can be put up and taken down as called for by each individual project.

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Cubierta textil grandes dimensiones

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We cover spaces with pavilions that are custom made especially for you.