MegaTent Model

Pavilions to cover spaces
big time.

Our MegaTent structures are large and designed to cover multiple spaces featuring great heights with a majestic design

Covers over 50 meters.

MegaTent pavilions use an aluminum truss structure that has an exclusive design in order to cover large spaces with complete safety. Would you like to know more about the aluminum structure? 

Choose the side closure for your MegaTent.

Our prefabricated pavilions have different types of side and top closure materials for the roof and sides. You can choose from a roof with a simple membrane to an air-supported one, or different sides made of fabric, trapezoidal sheets, or sandwich panels.



As large as easy to install.

our MegaTent structures can be set up in multiple ways depending on the terrain where you need to place the pavilion. Find out more about the anchoring system for MegaTent prefab warehouses. 

There is only one MegaTent: yours.

We make 100% custom designs, and you can also include accessories such as lighting, doors, climate control systems, flooring, etc. Would you like to get a no-obligation quote for your project? 

From a megafactory to a sports complex.

Our MegaTent structures are versatile and personalized pavilions that can help you to cover any space while adapting to your needs. Would you like to find out more about all the uses of MegaTent?

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