Ten things you didn’t know about modular pavilions.

If you want to discover some of the keys of our modular pavilions, read this entry with ten things, which you probably didn’t know about prefabricated industrial buildings.

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1.Modular pavilions can be enlarged once set up.

All the structures of prefabricated pavilions in Okatent, are designed with a modular format of 5 metres each unit, which allows the structure, once set up, to be enlarged longitudinally. The reason of these modules, not only allows enlarging pavilions, but also offers a more resistant and stable structure.


Pabellón a dos aguas que se está ampliando con grúa y operarios

2. Prefabricated industrial buildings do not need foundation.

Our pavilions are set up on compacted earth, through hot galvanized metal picks. This anchoring system consists of metal bars of 1,5 metres length, which are introduced in the subsoil, in which the profiles of the removable industrial building are fixed.2>

Suelo de un pabellón modular sin necesidad de cimentación

3. Our temporary industrial buildings do not have central piers.

The structure of our pavilions, do not have central piers due to the fact that the design is thought in such way that the loads are distributed by modular concepts towards the laterals. This design without central piers helps to gain space and to create diaphanous spaces ideal for machinery driving, storage, events or racquet sports practice.

Interior de una nave desmontable sin pilares centrales


4. The materials we use for the profiling of the industrial buildings are recyclable.

The most used material in the construction of our pavilions is the aluminium, which allows recycling and further re-usage, helping to generate less impact for environment. For the signing of the canvas of our pavilions, we use ecological inks, and all the manufacturing process is thought to generate a major energy saving, responsible for the environment.

Perfiles de aluminio reciclable de los pabellones

5. The prefabricated pavilions are installed in 3 days.

The installation of a removable industrial building is achieved in about 72 hours approximately, at the rate of 225m2 every 4 hours, this is ideal to set up in reduced periods of time, like weekends, to avoid interrupting business activity.

Instalación de un pabellón a dos aguas con grúa y operarios

6. Okatent has 5 pavilions standard models.

In the Okatent’s portfolio there are five pre-established structure models, with which Okatent satisfies different needs. Monopitch roofs are ideal to adhere to an existing surface and enlarge the space, gabled roofs is the standard pavilion by nature, polygonal industrial buildings work to gain height, curve roofs give an attractive visual look and gothic industrial buildings are perfect to gain height, as well as to offer an alternative visual look.

7. Okatent uses the lattice to increase resistance of our industrial buildings.

Lattice solutions are used in our structures of great dimensions. The lightness and resistance that these kind of structures offer, serve to cover temporary or fixed great spaces. The design with lattice offers a base structure in very slender and of low weight profiles, which are complemented with corrugated steel plates coating, that supply bracing in the horizontal flats of the structure.

Pabellón de grandes dimensiones con estructura de aluminio con perfiles diseñados con celosía

8. The most sold pavilion is the gabled industrial pavilion.

The most sold prefabricated roof in Okatent is the gabled pavilion or standard pavilion, for industrial storage use. Curved pavilions for sports use are the following, especially to cover paddle courts, and polygonal industrial buildings for musical events or as industrial workshops of great format.

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9. The canvases of our pavilions are fire resisting and waterproof

The roofs of the industrial buildings are manufactured with a polyester material of high density, covered with PVC at one side, with fire resisting certificate M2 according to regulation UNE 23723:90. Material 500D PVC Coat Fabric with weight of 360g/m2, thickness 0,36mm.

Cubierta de lona hinchad, ignífuga e impermeable

10. In Okatent we have the best Renting options for your pavilion.

In Okatent we offer term financing of the roofs, so that companies and particulars, are able to acquire a pavilion with no need of a great investment that mismatch the finances.


Pabellones Modulares y Desmontables

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