Tents for concessionaires and automotive.

Today we are going to go around the prefabricated industrial buildings world, a structure thought to cover concessionaires and automotive events. In this entry we will talk about the characteristics of a modular pavilion and how can this benefit those activities which need to cover spaces with all kind of vehicles.

DID YOU KNOW THAT: As our pavilions do not have central pillars, more vehicles fit per m2. Call number + 34 93 323 19 74 and let us advise you about industrial buildings for concessionaires and automotive.

Interior de una nave prefabricada para automoción

Characteristics of the pavilions for concessionaires and automotive

The Okatent prefabricated pavilion is a modular structure, affixed in the floor without need of foundation, which has an anodised aluminium profile and a tighten PVC roof, that is waterproof and fire-resistant. This kind of pavilions can be classified according to:

1) The kind of portico of the modular pavilions

    1. Gabled removable industrial buildings: These are standard structures par excellence, with a roof of two slopes, evacuates the water and snow easily. Its design is sold the most, and so, the one which adapts easily to any space. Gabled industrial buildings are normally used for industrial storage and as removable industrial buildings of itinerant events.
    2. Curved roof pavilion: Curved roofs are structures of great resistance, ideal as fixed or itinerant tents. Its design offers the most visual impact once installed, due to the curved form of the portico. These kinds of tents are usually sold to cover paddle tennis courts and all kind of events.
    3. Monopitch roof: One slope structures, can be installed as one individual unit or be attached to an already existing structure. This kind of industrial buildings are ideal to enlarge already existing spaces instantly and with no need of works.
    4. Polygonal portico structure: Polygonal industrial buildings are perfect if you need to gain height or cover big spaces, as the polygonal space is the one that reaches great dimensions. This kind of structure is normally used in sports centre tracks and industrial workshops.
    5. Tent with gothic style roof: Gothic structures are industrial buildings with a peculiar design with which you can make the difference from the rest of companies. Gothic roofs in addition, are thought to cover commercial and/or military aircraft hangars.

2) Temporary industrial building dimensions

In our portfolio you can find the dimensions of a standard pavilion, which will ease decision making. Even so, our work is personalized, adapting each design to the project you need.

Medidas de pabellones de automoción

3) Fixed or hinged laterals of the industrial buildings

  • Industrial buildings with fixed laterals: These kinds of laterals are formed from self-supporting metallic panels, isolated in polyurethane, destined to maintain a permanent enclosure and completely stable. These kinds of enclosures are ideal for car exhibitions, showrooms or concessionaires which look for privacy and complete control of the access.
  • Pavilions with hinged laterals: These laterals are composed of a white polyester tissue, covered with a PVC transparent layer, fire-resistant and waterproof. These kinds of curtains can be picked up, allowing the tent open 360º. It also exists the option of an opaque canvas (does not allow the light), transparent canvas or signed canvas. This kind of enclosure allows better exhibition and attraction of the public to the concessionaire or motoring exhibition


Lateral abatible para cubrir un concesionario

4) Kind of roof of prefabricated industrial buildings

  • Industrial buildings with simple canvas roofs: The roof is composed of a simple polyester membrane covered of PVC at both sides, made with Keder welded in the lateral ends to guarantee the sealing with the structure. We also have the option of transparent or opaque canvas roof.
  • Pavilions with pressurised roofs: Roof with membrane covered of PVC with two layers of canvas which form an air chamber with constant pressure of between 0.8 and 1.2 mbar and thermal insulating factor. This kind of roof helps to maintain a greater sealing of the inside space, and to obtain greater resistance to water and snow loads.

Cubierta simple para concesionario

Advantages of having a modular industrial building in your concessionaire

  1. Protection of your vehicles.
  2. Integrated illumination for your car exhibitions.
  3. Air-conditioned inside environment.
  4. Avoids damp or stagnant spaces.
  5. Structure without central pillars to avoid damage in vehicles.
  6. These industrial buildings are more economical than a conventional structure.
  7. Each project is studied individually.
  8. Can have sectional door or with automatic closing.
  9. The tents are fire-resistant and waterproof.
  10. You can obtain a renting pavilion with call option.


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