10 Questions to choose a folding tent

If you are undecided and do not know which model to choose tent (Cebu Tidor or Borneo) bring you a short questionnaire to help you see it clearer. Is simple and fast, but if you need more information and you know that we are always available on 933 231 974 or info@okatent.com

1. What do you value most in a folding tent?

a) Make it especially economic
b) It is durable
c) Best quality / price ratio

2. What kind of use that give you?

a) Sporadic, will use it in a timely manner
b) Monthly, will be used often
c) Journal, have an intense use

3. Where do you go to have your folding tent?

a) In areas covered
b) Only outdoor
c) Both

4. Do you need larger 3x3m folding tents?

a) No
b) Yes, 3 x 4.5 m
c) Yes, I need larger sizes

5. How do you prefer it to be the profile of a folding tent?

a) Square and anodized aluminum
b) Extra Square and lacquered iron
c) Hexagonal and anodized aluminum

6. Are you going to carry the folding tent to different places?

a) Yes, but in very close perimeters (mobility walk)
b) There will always be in one place
c) Yes, require a lot of mobility, are sent to different points in transport (truck, van, plane, others.)

7. Require a folding tent for …

a) Personal use (garden, terrace, others.)
b) Semi professional use (private party, private event, etc.)
c) Professional use to represent my business or brand.

8. Does the tent will have to withstand high wind gusts?

a) No
b) Maybe
c) Yes, definitely

9. In what situation you look more identified with your tent?

a) In a big barbecue with friends and family
b) At a concert covering the audio
c) In a commercial event, presenting my brand or product

10. What values ​​do you feel more identified in the acquisition of the tent?

a) I’d like to have a simple and effective product
b) I would be interested to be very resistant
c) I want a high quality product but at the best possible price


Majority of “A”
Your tent is BORNEO. Want a good tent, but you’re not planning on using it every day and want the lowest prices in the market. BORNEO folding tents are the lightest and economic model of the entire catalog of folding tents. BORNEO The folding tent is suitable for simple and quick assembly without losing the strength that offers structural design.

Go to Borneo site

Majority of “B”
Your tent is Tidor. The functionality is most important to you. You’re looking for an economical, compact folding tent. Tidor tent model is considered the strongest folding tent market. Tidor offers customers an ideal for those who need a folding economical but durable product instead tent.

Go to Tidor site

Majority of “C”
Your tent is CEBU. Youare looking for a folding tent for your business and want to buy the best, paying the best price / quality. As manufacturers of tents, the model CEBU folding tent is the highest quality and durability. CEBU tent is fully customizable and adaptable to the particular needs of each client. CEBU folding tents are made of hexagonal aluminum profles, injected joints of high strength aluminum and polyester high tenacity.

Got to Cebu site


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