International workshop “Textile ROOFS 2104”

OKATENT went the international workshop “Textile ROOFS 2104”, held on 26, 27, 28 and 29 May in Berlin to catch up in the field of textile architecture.

As we could not go all out because the plane was too small for the whole team Okatent, were only part of the equipment, for which thing was a success because they were able to concentrate and fill many Moleskine with notes and ideas that we will now implement.

The event was organized by the Academy of Architecture Structural Membranes in Berlin and Tensinet. This year’s scientific management was conducted by Dr. Rosemarie Wagner (KIT-Karlsruhe Institute of Technolgy). The program consisted of theoretical sessions in the morning by leading experts in the industry how. Jürgen William Hennicke (Stuttgart University & TU Vienna) and Gerd Schmid (formTL) Architects, engineers and manufacturers presented the most innovative designs and products in the field membrane structures. In the evenings, the workshops allowed the team Okatent meet and work with the most advanced software and for the design, manufacture and installation of this attractive and efficient structural type techniques.

Despite the short time, after the workshop, our technicians are able to zoom in to see one of the most impressive structures in textile architecture, the Sony Center, located in the city of Berlin.

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