Racket sports like padel and tennis are susceptible to wind, rain, sun, and glare; thus, choosing a good cover is essential to be able to enjoy these sports under the best of conditions. 
Padium premium indoor padel cover by Okatent

A championship canopy.

Organize padel or tennis tournaments with structures measuring over 60 meters wide and 8 meters high along the sides. Our structures are manufactured in order to adapt to the measurements you need to play your favorite sport. 

Cover your court with a winning design!

Covering one padel or tennis court is not the same as covering several. That is why we have created three cover models designed to meet your needs. The “Single” model, for individual courts; the “Multi” model, for two courts; and the “Arena” model for multiple courts. Would you like to know more? 






Designed to take care of your players...

Our padel structures protect players from inclement weather, create a pleasant environment that is neither too hot nor too cold, and help to avoid excess noise outside, without gusts of wind or flashes of light that may interrupt when playing. 

And they extend the life of your courts.

Having a cover for your padel or tennis court will allow the asphalt, paint, and all materials to be under cover. In addition to keeping your facilities in good condition, you will save on the maintenance and conditioning of your sports club. Would you like a cover for padel or tennis courts? 

Projects with covers for padel and tennis courts.

Pavilion for padel championships

Polygonal tent for padel courts

Cover for two padel courts

Double canopy for padel courts.

Custom pavilion to play padel

Pavilion to cover a tennis club

Pavilion to cover adjoining tennis courts

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