The aluminum sections for large pavilions.
Truss Sections

The aluminum sections for
large pavilions.

Truss aluminum sections are the best solution for large structures like our MegaTent model. This aluminum section designed exclusively by Okatent is three-dimensional and sized to cover any surface, providing great stability and resistance.

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What are truss sections like?

A unique way to cover your space

A unique way to cover your space.

Our truss aluminum sections feature a non-deformable triangular assembly, forming nodes that help with the distribution of the pavilion's weight. In addition, thanks to their unique shape, these aluminum sections combine with the canvas creating aesthetically striking combinations. Would you like to find out more? Talk to our technicians.


Lower weight, greater resistance.

The use of our truss beams in the construction of our pavilions make it unnecessary to have heavy structural sections. Thus, this solution is a highly efficient way to respond to structural requirements. It also makes the transport and assembly of our pavilions easier.

Lower weight, greater resistance
Long live the pavilions

Long live the pavilions.

Our truss aluminum sections offer great resistance and support to guarantee the use of the pavilions over time, protecting them from corrosion and all kinds of inclement weather. Are you interested in this type of aluminum section for your pavilion? We can make it happen.

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Easy to assemble
and expand.

Truss aluminum sections are installed modularly, allowing a large structure to be assembled in less than 15 days. In addition, if your company grows, this type of aluminum section allows you to expand the structure in the future without difficulties.

Easy to assemble and expand
Structures with big spans

Structures with big spans.

One of the advantages of our truss aluminum sections is that they allow a large space to be covered without using central pillars or intermediate supports. This creates open spaces where you can make the most of the space available and carry out your activity without impediments. Is this the solution you were looking for?

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These aluminum section are used for...

Most of the projects in which this type of aluminum section is used are for the industrial sector, large-scale storage solutions, aircraft hangars, renewable energy companies, multiple covered sports courts, and large-scale events like music festivals or business events. Would you like to see other uses of this aluminum section?

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These aluminum sections are used for...

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